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Bill and Ellen’s Story

Without the Medicare Rights Center, Bill would have been without medical coverage for a year in the middle of a pandemic—and just after he had been diagnosed with cancer. Medicare Rights was the best call I ever made.

Bill and Ellen called Medicare Rights when Bill started receiving medical bills for multiple back surgeries that his health insurance would not cover—and just days before he was diagnosed with cancer. Representatives from Bill’s insurance, provided through a former employer, had said that because he was eligible for Medicare, Medicare needed to pay first for his care. Ellen tried to enroll Bill in Medicare immediately, but she was told that he had to wait to enroll and his coverage would not begin for nearly a year. This delay would leave Bill without insurance while he was facing cancer treatment, already had huge medical bills from his back surgeries, and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fortunately, a Medicare Rights counselor was able to guide Bill and Ellen through a unique special enrollment process to get Bill the Medicare coverage he needed. After their counselor’s relentless advocacy, Bill got Medicare coverage retroactively and had no gap in health insurance.

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