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National Initiative Aims to Spur Health Innovation Through Consumer Engagement

Community Catalyst recently launched an initiative, the Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovation (the Center) to “make our health system one that is truly people-centered.”

Collaborating with partners across the country, including the Medicare Rights Center, the Center’s approach is one that “works directly with consumer advocates to increase the skills and power they have to establish an effective voice at all levels of the health care system; collaborates with innovative health plans, hospitals, and providers to incorporate the consumer experience into the design of their systems of care; and works with state and federal policymakers to spur change that makes the health system more responsive to consumers.”

The Center’s mission is outlined in six guiding principles to:

  • advance consumer engagement at three critical levels: individual, health system, and policy development;
  • implement pro-consumer payment policies;
  • provide resources for community and population health;
  • strengthen consumer protections;
  • place care coordination at the heart of delivery system reform;
  • create a person-centered culture of care; and
  • promote health equity for underserved populations.

This week, the Center released a new resource, A Consumer Policy Platform for Health System Transformation. This resource reinforces the six guiding principles and delves deeper into each by outlining specific goals and policy ideas. You can find more information about the Center’s work by visiting

See here for the resource, A Consumer Policy Platform for Health System Transformation.

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